• Pellami nelle Marche
    Quality leathers sale stock
    F.lli Petrocchi Pelli has offered the highest quality finished and semi-finished leathers for decades.
    Carefully selected, the leathers sold always satisfy the most demanding requests
    of clothing manufacturers, shoe manufacturers and national and international leather shops.
  • Vendita fodera montone
    Stock leather is defined as a broad variety of individual products,
    in different types and colours, that do not exceed 10m2 for each product.
    Stock leather is supplied predominantly to retailers and small artisans
    looking for modest quantities at advantageous prices.
    Our leathers are always carefully selected by qualified personnel in order
    to guarantee excellent value for money.
  • Vendita montoni double face
    Selling stock of leather
    Linings and reptiles


In the hills of the Marche region, exactly in Montegranaro, one of the global district for the production of footwear and accessories, the F.lli Petrocchi Pelli is headquartered.

The company was established with the aim of increasing the family business, started in the 90s by Mr. Pasquale Petrocchi. At first shoemaker, then leather dealer today he is a really skilled professional in the field with over 40 years experience. Now he is passing down to his sons all the tricks of the trade with perseverance and passion.

Matteo, Luca and Lorenzo, armed with all the right insight and business skills handed down from their father, decided to innovate the business by consolidating the Italian market and expanding the reference markets; actually the F.lli Petrocchi Pelli is known also in several countries like Serbia, Belarus, Portugal, Poland, Romania and others.

  • vegetable tanned calfskin
  • leather for bags
  • leather for shoes

The company offers a wide range of stock leather and larger supplies, from the best Italian and international tanneries. They propose a variety of precious product lines like calfskin, lambskin, sheepskin, goatskin, reptile leather to satisfy all costumers needs. Before being sold leather batches are subjected to a careful selection process by qualified and specialized personnel, in order to guarantee the product's absolute quality. Upon specific request the company offers leather treatments and personalized processes on crust leather, thanks to collaborations with specialized tanneries.

Day by day the company is committed to offering maximum reliability and professionalism, elements that have always characterized Petrocchi's family.

Partite di Pelli

Calfskin is our best product in terms of sales, allowing us to enter various market segments. In fact, this type of leather is suitable for men’s, women’s and children’s shoes and leather accessories. At our warehouse, we have calfskin in various types and tones to satisfy all client needs, including:

  • Chrome-tanned half calfskins;
  • Printed calfskins;
  • Tumbled calfskins;
  • Smooth calfskins;
  • Shiny calfskins;
  • Crust calfskins;
  • Crust on calfskins;
  • Coated calfskins.

Particular attention is afforded to the purchase of French "BOX" calfskin leather, which allow us to serve clients looking for high quality. We are always careful to satisfy all client demands and upon request also offer leather treatment services and personalised processes on crust leather, thanks to our active collaboration with specialised tanneries.

The main feature of lambskin is its softness, making it particularly suitable for the production of women's shoes, for example ballernias, court shoes and comfort shoes.

Our range focuses primarily on sheepskin and hybrid leathers, with a broad variety of colours to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Vendita pelli di lapin

Our company offers various precious and soft goatskin leathers. A broad selection of goatskins, suedes and patents in various thicknesses for both shoe uppers and lining.

We also offer the possibility for different finishes on client samples, using specialised tanneries with whom we regularly collaborate.

Vendita pelli per fodera

In 2013, we began to sell precious reptile leathers, such as crocodile skin, cayman skin and alligator skin.
Skins can be supplied as both integral or in parts such as sides, backs and tails, used for the production of shoes and high-quality leather goods.
We have a broad range of colours and can guarantee advantageous prices. Come and visit our company to purchase the reptile skins that most satisfy your production needs.

Vendita stock fodere

Sheepskin is a fine leather article suitable for the realization of footwear.
Sheepskin for shoe lining and for shoe upper are available in our warehouse.
We propose a wide range of coloring; to know something more about the color chart, please contact the company.
Two types are available: Sheepskin lining and Sheepskin Double-face.


Contact us by phone on 0734 828364 or using the form in this section. We will reply as soon as possible.

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